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Tool: ShaderRGB


I created a small VB program to "convert" Photoshop 0-255 RGB to quake shader 0-1 RGB values. You can pick a color in Photoshop, take over the RGB and then paste in the shader line into your shader. For use in other than US Windows you will have to change the decimal "," to a "." or change Regional and Language Options to "English(United States)"

You may need Visual Basic Runtime. Try this download link: Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module

Map: Adlerhorst

1.0 screenshots

mirror #1: filesize: 19MB - game: W:ET

Map: Skytemple

ffa_skytemple screenshots
mirror #1:

filesize: 8,7MB - game: JK:JA

Map: Natterbase

Natterbase 1.2
mirror #1:

filesize: 15MB - game: RTCW

id Tech 3 id-Tech-3 Essentials

I noticed many old id-Tech-3 editing tools are quite difficult to find so I set up mirrors locally - this is more or less the basic setup I recommend

Gtk Radiant 1.4 for Q3A, RtCW & ET
- 1.5 is not stable IMHO

q3map 2.5.16
- latest version - no development but this compiler still rocks

3. Q3Map2Toolz -
& Update - my favourite compiler GUI

q3ase Shader Editor
- creating a shader is no magic

Easygen Terrain Editor
-  reference in terrain generators incl. latest templates

adlerhorst map

Adlerhorst Tournament Edition source (.map file) -

pcx file with terrain blending information - trc10.pcx