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Rainfor ID Tech 3 engines

This shader is based on deformVertexes autosprite2. - RTCW shader - please note that W:ET has much more advanced rain support via environmental effects in the engine. Read more here:

Reflection Water

This is a combiation of two shaders. One being a surface_portal mirror and one just for ripples in the water. This time I added a RTCW .map so u can see how to set up the two brushes with the shaders. - RTCW shader

Blocking Light - Q3A/RTCW/ET shader

Shiny metal

This shader is based on a texture from BerneyBoys Photorealistic Textures. I added an alpha channel and the tcGen environment of course. - ET shader

Brick texture (256x256 and 512x512) - I created this texture from a photo of a wall in Warsaw

Sky shader (from the Adlerhorst ET map) - Sky shader based on a skybox shader by ydnar. It has a sun shining through the clouds and some fog. Check out the video. Worldspawn needs to have: _foghull paz/wolken _farplanedist 14336 <- this one is removing stuff from vis that is really far away _fog textures/paz/nebel

Lamp shader

This simple white shader in the lamp emits light. The glow has an autosprite parameter. - ET shader

Goldrush sky shader RELOADED

Rewrite of the Goldrush sky shader using Penumbra shadows and foghull fog. You need to add several keys in worldspawn to make it work properly:

Note that _farplanedist controls the distance of vis blocking and the fogparms below the fog. - ET shader

Falling leaves shader - by IndyJones

This shader requires a target_smoke entity with the following keys set:

target -> target_smoke:
"delay" "5000"
"angle" "135"
"shader" "textures/mp_castle/cherry1"
"spawnflags" "12"
"end_size" "10000"
"start_size" "500"
"wait" "75"
"origin" "915 853 1552"
"classname" "target_smoke"

The cherry1 shader is using deformVertexes for the movement:

qer_trans 0.85
surfaceparm pointlight
surfaceparm nonsolid
implicitBlend -
implicitMask textures/mp_castle/cherry1.tga
sort 6
cull disable
deformVertexes wave 30 sin 0 1 0 0.2
tcmod rotate 30
} - ET shader (note: textures are attached only for learning purposes)


add the name of the shader file to shaderlist.txt. example: lightblock.shader = add the line lightblock to shaderlist.txt