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for ID Tech 3 engines

This is the B-25 from Natterbase. I included the source .max files as well. You will notice that the bomb and the fire have animation. You might use that for scripting -


The Ba 349 Natter itself from my map Natterbase. Just drop in a misc_model. Download here -


The Sherman tank from my Adlerhorst map. 3DS Max source files included -


To see how the tank is set up and works download the source of Adlerhorst TE here.

Note: You will need the rest of the map with the textures and scripts to load or compile it correctly. The pcx for the terrain can be downloaded here.

A pretty handy set of trees from my Adlerhorst map. Three model trees with LOD (level of detail) and a bush. A low poly texture of a tree and a line of trees as a texture for distant tree lines on the horizon -

tree set

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