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Blender OBJ Export including UV maps for Enemy Territory Quake Wars

This is the shader used for the model:

material textures/paz/met1
        diffusemap textures/paz/metal057.tga

It needs to go in "..\..\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\materials" and get the .mtr extension (In this case it's

The sphere looks like this in the game later:

For more information on everything you need when exporting OBJ from Blender please see the general model export check list by Kat.

The tutorial was created using Blender 2.47 - newer versions might have changes in the interface.

Troubleshooting: I noticed that you might get something like "usemtl textures__paz__paz_
metal1057.tga" with newer Blender versions in the obj file. Just edit the obj file with notepad and delete the _metal1057.tga.

A common problem when exporting .obj models is that they are very small ingame. Make sure to scale them about x10 in blender before exporting.