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Project PKiN work in progress screenshots & video
This is my latest level design project. I decided to go for the ETQW id Tech 4 engine as it provides excellent handling of LOD groups especially important for so many details of a soviet-style building. The Palac Kultury i Nauki skyscraper is probably the most significant building in Warsaw today.

In my map GDF established a last point of defense in the building. Strogg are attacking it. They want to send an important message to the Makron from one of the satellite dishes on the top of it (objective might change).

game: ETQW

Update: Development on map stopped. If someone is interested in getting the raw work files (.world SDK map etc, models, textures) please contact me at


Adlerhorst screenshots & video
Adlerhorst 1.0 DOWNLOAD - Adlerhorst TE DOWNLOAD
(19MB) game: W:ET

ffa_skytemple final screenshots

mirror #1:

filesize: 8,7MB - game: JK:JA
natterbase 1.2

mirror #1:

filesize: 15MB - game: RTCW

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