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Light entity

nonlinear light: creates smooth and bright light
linear light: dim light with a rather sharp falloff that illuminates only brushes near it

Note: Some q3map2 versions have difficulties with linear light. Use nonlinear instead.


fade for linear light: a low value like .25 will create a large falloff

To caulk or not to caulk

A rather disputed subject is caulk. In a lot of forums you get as answer for performance problems: use caulk. This is not really a solution in all cases. Since q3map 1.21 surfaces that are not lighted are not compiled. So a surface NOT having caulk and directly aligned to a brush that prevents it from being lighted is not compiled and looks in /r_showtris 1 like being "automatically" caulked.

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Structural or Detail brushes Tutorial

Quick Tutorial on the difference between Structural and Detail brushes.

Creating an Alpha channel

Read this tutorial to learn how to create an Alpha channel in Photoshop.

Proper brushwork Many people underestimate the importance of proper brushwork, but it is especially important when your map gets really big and has a lot of brushes! It helps to improve r_speeds as well. So what to do? Use the key "E" to move edges like shown on the screenshot. Don't forget to use Caulk either. It will help the compiler (q3map2 usually) to understand your brushes.

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Tags in md3 models

The easiest way inserting tags in 3D Studio Max is to run the script. It's used to import md3 usually but has a nice little feature called "Create New Tag". Drop it in your scripts folder of Max, then go to Utilities tab and click on MAXScript. Click Run Script and select the "Quake 3 MD3 Import" entry from the drop down below it. Now click on "Create New Tag". This will automatically generate a tag for you. Now you just need to rename it. This is how a tag looks like:

The tank from my Adlerhorst map had three models. One for the turret, one for the body and one for the chains. For attaching the turret by script I had to insert a tag called "tag_turret" in the body model. The body model got the scriptname "tank".

Example of the attachtotag method:

wait 500
attachtotag tank tag_turret

This is of course not the complete script, but it shows the way it works. Here you see all three models in one file along with the tags:

Note: You can find the ExportMD3 plugin for Max 8 here. Place it in your plugins folder of Max.